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Our writing work generally falls into two categories: that which we do directly for clients and that which we do through design and advertising agencies.

Working directly with clients

Having spent many years as an advertising account man, I enjoy getting the brief straight, understanding the problem and coming up with the first solution. In many ways it makes sense to get the words right before worrying about design. Then we can turn these words into successful marketing communications with the help of a network of designers and other specialists.

Working with agencies

Our work with other agencies is sometimes acknowledged and sometimes kept in the background. (So the work does not necessarily end up on my website.)

We may be asked just to tidy up a draft that the client has done himself or to start from scratch. On other occasions we are involved at the beginning of the process, helping to make sense of the brief. One agency refers to me as their ‘grey hairs’ which I have decided to take as a compliment.